La Villa Radio Issue 7 - I Wanna Rock

j-dilla - workin on it (lvr theme song)
the bubble puppy - hot smoke & sasafrass
d-man - little known facts
fun with sushi

judas priest - breaking the law (video)
keddie's picks

ak45 mix:
??? - the win a prize track
the electric prunes - i had too much to dream last night
the 13th floor elevators - you're gonna miss me
dennis coffey - scorpio
john mayall- room to move

ak45 encore:

sting - when the world is running down, you make the best of what's still around
santa esmeralda - gloria
QPSM Unit - Brooklyn Inferno Quadrophonic

tom cruise quote of the week with Alana P
commercial message with Erika
lvr random record: james and bobby purify - i'm your puppet

redneck 102 with thor
hawkwind - master of this universe

la villa letters

la villa band - the snowmobile song (live)

"Yes its true I am 14 and yet i can jump a canal." - Red "yes its true, I'm 30 and I can cat leap a crusty bum shelter" - ard

michael n' whip

the infamous cock n' balls rock

ard, whip, d-man (da girls in the back)

this is the best photo ever.

erika and tobey

thank you Vancouver Sun


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