La Villa Radio Issue 14 - Say Hello Gary

J-Dilla - Workin On It (LVR theme song)
Chat n Chew with Ard n Whip
Video: How to Deal with a Heckler by Joe Rogan
Audio: Carlos Mencia gets caught on air with stolen material

Bloc Party - The Prayer
Keddie Scientist
Friday Night Dreamin' with ArdArvin

D-Man's Little Known Facts

Mother Mother - Polynesia
Note to Self, aka Ard's Private Time With Little Gary.
Wapiti Ski Hill Beatbox
The Sinners Book

John Prine - In Spite of Ourselves
Redneck 101
Musings with Michael

Band X - Home
LVR Letters

LVR Random Record: Janis Joplin - Move Over

Signing Off
Stevie Wonder - As

Fireside Theatre

Erika thinks she looks retarded in this photo. How many retards do you see modelling?
This photo was taken with a camera and film that I found at this very spot.
If you haven't noticed yet, Michael takes photos good.

Steamed buns are chinese hamburgers?

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