La Villa Radio Issue 13 - Merry Christmas

J-Dilla - Workin On It (LVR theme song)
Chat n Chew with Ard n Whip

Real Life - Send me an Angel
Musings with Michael
Mathew Wilder - Break my Stride

Friday Night Dreamin' with ArdArvin
10cc - Wall Street Shuffle

Z-Trip Interview

Genesis - I Can't Dance
D-Man's Little Known Facts
LVR Random Record: Leadbelly - Sukey Jump

Keddie Scientist
Devo - Automodown
Redneck 101

LVR Letters

Metro - Twas the Night Before Christmas

whip would make a good garden gnome seth and dman on the foos

i'll be ebaying original prints of this one

scottie and ash on the vids
you'll probably have to be a Ukey to fully appreciate this one

got this bill from 7-11 the other day.

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