[photo above, Chemistry layback.]

The following photos are from a guidebook written by the prolific coastal mountaineer Dick Culbert in 1968. Only one copy was ever made, a Duotang binder consisting of typewritten pages and glued in black and white photos. Over half the photos have fallen out over the years. These are the last remaining photos.

This is the second of two guidebooks made by Mr. Culbert. In 1963 he made his first buildering guidebook, similar to the second one. It contained many other route descriptions and photos. Sadly this book went missing from the VOC archives sometime in 1998 before I had a chance to scan it.

henningsPresently, over half of the drain pipes on campus have been ripped off from said activity. Chemistry.


friedmanI recently gave this route a shot…gnar gnar with a capitol gnar. Friedman.

andrewsSt. Andrews Chapel.

travSt. Andrews.

warA classic. War Memorial Gym.

gymOne of few routes with “other benefits”. Women’s Gym.

hebbAnother classic. Hebb Theatre.