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Deathbridge, Hellberta


Lethbridge, Alberta.

Just got back from Lethbridge. Lethbridge is a hole. A total redneck wasteland. If there was a bright center to the universe, Lethbridge would be the furthest from it (with Tatooine on the opposite side).

Despite Lethbridge's shortcomings as a decent place to inhabit, it does make for some good stories:

Story #1: Darren, Chris, and I are chilling at Chris' skateshop and in walks Joel Chiefbody. He's got a bump on his lip, but I figure it's from doing too much chew. Turns out Joel doesn't do chew. Not more than 5 minutes earlier he was skating down the sidewalk and some redneck yells out of his pickup "SKATE OR DIE DUDE!" Joel gives him "the muscles" (arms raised and flexed). Redneck jumps out of the truck and punches Joel in the face. Joel, doubled over, grabs his skate and swings as hard as he can into Dipshit's kneecaps. Dipshit goes down, screaming like a little girl. Dipshit's buddies pile out of the truck. Joel salutes with a "Bye Fuckers" and runs away.

Story #2:...

Feb 22, 2004

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