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Every time I get a letter from one of these French assholes, I get all giddy inside. Being hated is as much fun as being loved, maybe even more so.
Dec 30, 2003

The Day Buildering Became a Life Skill

rubber ball

I like to think of myself as a secret agent. When I was eight, I played spy with my best friend Roy. We would dress in black, armed with ping-pong ball smoke bombs, and run around at night trying not to be seen. We even had hand signals for communicating our movements to each other.

Occasionally we would peek in a window, but for the most part we spent the time hiding in bushes and gardens watching unsuspecting pedestrians walk by.

We would climb onto the school roof, scavenging for interesting things thrown up there. Lots of balls. Red rubber balls, tennis balls, those blue-and-red-with-a-white-stripe-in-the-middle hard foam balls. What ever happened to those foam balls? What were they used for anyway? Occasionally we would find shoes, lunch-boxes, and books -- likely thrown up there by school bullies.

These days, since things on rooftops rarely interest me, I'm hard pressed to find a practical use for my buildering skills. However, that all changed yesterday.

I live in a nice but old apartment in downtown Vancouver -- all original parts. Yesterday another part decided to stop working: the doorknob. One more small malfunction in a...

Dec 03, 2003

Parkour: PKCA 2

Captain Defecto


Defecto. April 2003. UofW.

Captain Defecto has been sending me some sick pictures recently, check em out: http://www.buildering.net/gallery/worldwide . He's from the University of Washington, which appears to have a very active buildering community. I've met at least five or six builderers from U of W, which in buildering terms is a veritable multitude. Defecto has authored a guidebook for the area entitled "The Urban Adventurer’s Handbook to The University of Washington", which should be available (hard copy only) in the near future. If you're from the area and want a copy, lemme know and I'll put you in touch with him.

Right now Cap D is touring London, Spain, and the rest of Europe looking for things to climb. (I think we are twin brothers separated at birth.) Anyway, he promises that he's taking buildering photos of every city he passes through in Europe, and that he'll send me the good ones. Can't wait.

Nov 12, 2003

Street Boulder Contest


By Max and Negher.
Milan, Italy.

Who has never dreamed of climbing that brick wall facing your apartment window?
Our idea was to make this urban dream come true. It was thought as a way to express our vertical fanaticism, regardless of where you do it, if on a mountain, a slab, a boulder, a pillar, a cornice or a railing.

For the first edition of the Street Boulder Contest, we traced 28 blocks and more than 60 fanatics took part in the event. The most vivid image of the night was the crowd of people who gave life to the usually deserted at night Colombo street. Climbers came not only from Milan but also from nearby towns such as Bergamo, Brescia, Varese and even Sondrio! These people faced the cold, the rain and the snow (for those who drove all the way from Sondrio).

We worked for more than three months to get everything ready but it was worth it. We made a website, two promo videos, we spent several nights driving through the city looking for...

Nov 07, 2003

City Squirrel vs. Mountain Squirrel


What would happen if you threw a big fat city squirrel in a cage with the small but wiry mountain squirrel? Buildering.net finds out...

Sept 25, 2003 - Press Release:

Upon announcement of the buildering.net City Squirrel vs. Mountain Squirrel Cage Match the phones have been ringing off the hook. The media has a voracious appetite for our furry little fighters. Here's the stars at a recent press conference:
Ooh...that City Squirrel sure does have spunk. Will Mountain Squirrel let the intimidation get the best of him? Stay tuned...

Oct 17, 2003 - The Saga Continues:

Here we catch our stars in a rare candid moment:
Ooh...looks like Mountain Squirrel is hard at work, while city squirrel is content gorging on pizza and beer. Will Mountain Squirrel's strict diet give him the upper hand? Stay tuned...

Oct 29, 2003 - Training Day:

Ooh...is Mountain Squirrel really the hidden dragon? Stay tuned...

Nov 01, 2003 - Go Time:

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for! Place your bets, place your bets.

Nov 01, 2003

Parkour: PKCA 1

My Parkour Dream


Last night I dreamt that some Parkour buddies and I were out honing our skills somewhere in downtown Vancouver. I think it was near BC Place stadium. We were practicing rail vaults when a litter of cops pull up and chase us. I run that nightmarish run where your legs feel like lead, and no matter how hard you try you can't break out of slow-mo. Usually in this sort of dream I'm forever being pursued but never get caught. It's like the falling dream...you never hit the ground. A friend once told me that if you did hit the ground you'd die in real life. An interesting theory, but I'm not sure how he knew this to be true. Perhaps he sees dead people. I digress. In this particular dream I DID get caught.

The cops catch everyone. I expect the usual tongue lashing and checking of IDs, and our corresponding feigning terror and giving false names. Instead they roll out a television and force us to watch some law enforcement educational video. A recruiting video to be more precise, for the "criminal apprehension" department: special-ops specializing in foot pursuit. I remember resisting...

Oct 16, 2003