The One Thousand.

On Saturday 11th December, a small number of hardened athletes from gathered at a gymnasium in south east London to find out if something was possible: one thousand muscle ups. Each.

Staying for only the first 8 hours and completing a mere 300 muscle ups, I can’t pretend that I had much more than a brief a taste of what the guys went through that day, but what I experienced certainly had a distinct and lasting flavour.

talks of the dark places visited by those who took part. My recollection of the day is a little broken, and so are these words. If you take them and magnify them tenfold, it will perhaps give some indication of what happened.

Full articles and photographs here:

Dec 22, 2010

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31 December 2010

Nice work Kiell! Read both accounts. Fascinating stuff. Such commitment. Uhmm...I´m drinking beers on the beach watching people surf in the sunset, which would be somewhere completely opposite of your experience. I think I´ll do a few push ups now to make myself feel better. There. All better.