New parkour photography blog: Paris with Sticky.

Hey guys, some shameless self-promotion. I just published an article about my trip to Paris last November to photograph Sticky doing parkour in Paris.

Hope you like.



ardarvin's picture

13 March 2011

Great work man. Plug away. Attach a photo to your post and I'll FP it.

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14 March 2011

Cheers mate.

I've never gotten the hang of coding stuff through this drupal malarkey, i'm afraid. that's about as good as it gets! tumblr resized the main image when I uploaded it to my blog so maybe I should dig out a slightly better version. Let me know.

ardarvin's picture

25 March 2011

I hear ya. There's a new "file attachments" section after the Comment/story posting input box. You just upload the file, and it'll auto attach/display the photo.