The Lost Boys

“Once you're grown up, you cant come back.” - Peter Pan.

Having recently brought to life my infantile dream of locating to New York, my life has become one supreme scouting mission, absorbing new surroundings to capture, train, run through, and kick back and appreciate. It’s become an obsession, which has ultimately led to the continuous mental note making of all the visually arresting spots I encounter on my commutes to and from work. I kind of stroll amongst the morning crowds across Manhattan with my music in and teleport myself in to some sort of music video of the...

Sep 17, 2014

Kiell's Trip to Vancouver

Grant cleaning a future project.

Kiell is off ending world hunger through Parkour or something, so he asked me to post these images for him. This was from his recent trip to Vancouver to shoot photos for an upcoming UBC buildering guidebook. This is the part where he'd write about his experiences, how amazing everything was, etc., but since he's not here I'll write it for him.

Vancouver is amazing. I was here a few years ago, but back then my brain failed to comprehend the vastness of amazingness that is Vancouver. The streets are paved with gold. Literally. Not the misused literally meaning

Jul 29, 2014

UBC Buildering Competition 10 (2012)

Meghan on Longhouse Waterfall.

This year's comp was special for a number of reasons. First, it was number 10. That's 10 years of UBC officially sanctioned competitions. Well maybe not officially sanctioned. Thank you to all the adventurous people who have attended over the years -- those who've only come out once to try something new, and those who've stuck it out throughout the years. It's been a pleasure meeting you all. I'm honoured to have the opportunity to organize such an event, spread the good times, and meet you all. Thinking back through each event, I can't think of a single dud. Each...

Jun 20, 2012

UBC Buildering Competition 9 (2011)

Grant on David Lam Chimney 10 pts. p: Ryan Goldsbury

This year's comp, traditionally held on a Tuesday, was moved to Thursday for fear of rain. Thursday was also the last day of school, which includes a huge campus block party. UBC's limited police force would have their hands full with general drunken frat boy shenanigans, leaving us to climb in peace. What I failed to realize is that the RCMP called in many, many auxiliary cops -- including the Richmond police force.

While waiting for people to arrive in the Student Union Building, a dozen cops rushed in our direction and out a nearby door -- off to get...

Apr 11, 2011

The project "17.SPB" (Russia, St.-Petersburg)

In advance I ask a pardon for bad transfer as article original is written in Russian =>

If me have asked to write formula BUILDERING, is faster even free solo buildering it would be => 40 % psychology + 40 % general physical preparation + 20 % of rock-climbing (the basic skills rock-climbing, classical rock-climbing movements). Most likely experienced free solo mens will condemn buildering, complaining on lung rock-climbing …. at all about all opinion, though and not always only the :)

This the Saint-Petersburg 17 floor house behind our backs we climbed...

Jan 14, 2011

UBC Buildering Competition 8 (2010)

Ten people showed for this year's buildering comp. Not a bad turnout considering it was held three weeks after the last day of school and was rescheduled due to rain. As usual I'm to blame for the tardiness. I LIVE and BREATHE buildering, but time flies when running this multinational, fortune 500 website.

There were eight problems in total, which Grant informed me "are all hard". Everyone sent at least one problem, and Grant sent everything. So did Tim. We spent a good portion of the night looking for a bonus tie breaker. Nothing worked. The only unclimbable problem is...

Apr 30, 2010

UBC Buildering Competition 7 (2009)

Andrew on Chem Alley.

This year's contest had me sweating. April snuck up on me, and I wanted the competition to be held before the end of classes. This meant giving people only four days notice of the event.

Despite the short notice, we had a respectable twenty builderers show this year. Some of these builderers wore Cliffhanger (a local climbing gym) jackets. Cliffhanger STAFF jackets. Eek...real climbers. I hoped this wasn't going to be a cakewalk.

The menu:

1. - 8pts.
2. - 5 pts.
3. ...

Apr 12, 2009

Kiell and Spidermonkey out and about

John, warming up.

A few weeks ago I hooked up with John Bourne for our first session of buildering in far too long. London is a curious place when it comes to buildering for a few reasons: hardly anyone does it, which is strange given the popularity and growth of parkour; there's a large number of climbers who live and train in the capital; and there's a distinct absence of rocks to climb. The nearest option is the "southern sandstone", a series of very porous crags down in Kent that take 3 days to dry after a gentle shower where the routes are...

Mar 04, 2009

UBC Buildering Competition 6 (2008)

Sean on Library Pillar.

This year's comp had a nice turnout. We started things off at the Library Pillar route, a nice quarried rock route that's just high enough to make you think carefully. Unfortunately not everyone was able to give it a fair try before campus security was telling us to move along. Note to others: this building has it's own security staff, and they seem to have a pretty good eye on the south entrance.

Move along we did, not without first doing a cool little builder-slash-parkour route in the alley between the Chemistry and Physics building -- a nice little...

Jun 02, 2008

UBC Buildering Competition 5 (2007)

Allan astonishes.

“Here’s the rules:
1. Add an extra 10% to your score for gum rubber soles.
2. Besides the Chan Centre, stay off rooftops to avoid unnecessary attention.
3. If security arrives, decide as a group whether or not to run. Crossing your legs means you DON’T want to run, so pay attention 'cause if you are just standing there cluelessly, the others will assume you want to run.
4. Security has dogs, but don’t let that deter you from running. They’re just pets and not trained to attack.
5. If RCMP arrives, don’t run and be very friendly.
6. Have fun.”

Previous experience necessitates rules. Number...

Apr 14, 2007

UBC Buildering Competition 4 (2006)

The inimitable Kenny Frazz. Admin Dyno. (p) Oker.

I originally thought this was the third buildering contest, but then realized that we already had a third, it just wasn't well attended and there were no photos to document the event. So lest these landmark events be lost to time, here's a brief history of the contests to be forever immortalized within the Googles and Wayback Machines of the internet.

The first buildering contest to take place in the history of mankind, EVER, took place at UBC on April 7th, 2004. OK, I highly doubt it was the first buildering contest ever, but since the Euros are into their...

Apr 08, 2006

UBC Buildering Competition 1, 2, 3 (2004 - 2005)

SteveZ on UBC Pool Door. Comp 3, April 2005.

[The first three UBC competitions were combined due to a minimal number of photos for each event. Partially to blame for this is my stubborn refusal to shoot anything but Fuji Velvia 50 ISO slide film, which looks stunning when there's enough light but is extremely difficult to work with during shady buildering hours. For comp 4 I'll be switching to digital.]

"The ancient and honorable sport of building climbing does not appear to have blossomed on the UBC campus until about 1961. Doubtless the previous years saw sporadic action in this field, but such events do not seem to

May 12, 2005

Check your boots for puppies. Mexico 04.

1 tarp, 3 motorbikes, 1 goat path down to the beach = priceless camping.

This summer, in a period of 2 months I managed to double the mileage of my 1981 Kawasaki 750. When I bought the bike the odometer read 24000 km. When I returned from Mexico two months later, it read 48096km. That's 24000km of riding. 12000km a month. 3000km a week. 428km a day for 60 days straight. Yes, my ass is a little sore.

My first major ride of the summer was from Vancouver to Preeceville, Saskatchewan and back. That's about 4000 kms. When I returned to Vancouver, I rested one day and then it was off to Mexico with...

Sep 09, 2004