Grant cleaning a future project.

Kiell's Trip to Vancouver

Meghan on Longhouse Waterfall.

UBC Buildering Competition 10 (2012)

Grant on David Lam Chimney 10 pts. p: Ryan Goldsbury

UBC Buildering Competition 9 (2011)

The project "17.SPB" (Russia, St.-Petersburg)


Jonathan Siegrist and Andy Day talk buildering

Creeping, /krēp-,ing/, verb: urban deep water soloing

Kiell won't post this because he's got his hate on for "the Blue Cow," but I will. Granted this all looks rather contrived: bolting some holds to a bridge to give some nice jumpy jump-jumps for the Red Bull cameras -- it reminds me of that Tom Cruise desert tower scene. But who really cares? More importantly it looks like something I want to try. The more weird shit that Red Bull throws into the mainstream, the more publicly accepted this will all become. If that means one less phone call to the cops during a buildering outing then it's worth it. "Ohh you're CREEPING? Ya, ya, that's cool."

Aug 25, 2014

Buildering A Dream

Fifty years of misinterpreting architecture at the University of British Columbia

Photo: Glenn Woodsworth

Article originally published in Summer 2013 edition of Coast Mountain Culture magazine. Used with permission.

By: Dave Quinn

The Varsity Outdoors Club (VOC) at the University of British Columbia has long been the breeding ground of climbing inventiveness, creativity and tenacity. Big names, like Dick Culbert, Guy Edwards, Tim Auger and Hamish Mutch, all found companions in the VOC to help push the limits of what could be done in the mountains.

For the climbing fanatics, however, the mountains were painfully far away from campus. VOC members were often distracted by nuisances, such as studying and classes, and often the windows of opportunity were too short to work on new routes up the Squamish Chief or even to escape to Lighthouse Park for a sunset cragging session.

Aug 13, 2014

On The Roofs

On The Roofs author Vadim Makhorov in Hong Kong.

The rooftop: the great commonality between parkour, buildering, and urban exploration; yet each highlights a different aspect of the rooftop experience. For buildering, the rooftop is the destination. For parkour, the starting point. For urban exploration, the journey.

The ideal roof varies for each. With buildering, easy descent is paramount. The roof holds the biggest unknown of a climb: how to get down. The more solitary and monolithic a building, the more appealing a route is and the more important the question of descent becomes. For parkour, staggered features and proximity to other rooftops is key. A solitary rooftop may not be that interesting, but a link up of a dozen rooftops certainly is. In urban exploration, interesting, varied architecture is the goal. An exposed and beautiful setting is a plus.

Certainly overlap exists in the execution of the disciplines, and one can argue that you can't practice parkour or buildering without being an urban explorer. Likewise you can't be an urban explorer without some climbing ability. Yet, deservedly urban exploration stands alone as it's own "thing." Instead of...

Aug 05, 2014

Kiell's Trip to Vancouver

Grant cleaning a future project.

Kiell is off ending world hunger through Parkour or something, so he asked me to post these images for him. This was from his recent trip to Vancouver to shoot photos for an upcoming UBC buildering guidebook. This is the part where he'd write about his experiences, how amazing everything was, etc., but since he's not here I'll write it for him.

Vancouver is amazing. I was here a few years ago, but back then my brain failed to comprehend the vastness of amazingness that is Vancouver. The streets are paved with gold. Literally. Not the misused literally meaning

Jul 29, 2014

Roof Culture

Storror don't make freerunning vids like anyone else. Whilst many teams and individuals are putting out films stacked full of gratuitous slow-motion walking ('look how amazing I am in my own head!') and heroic poses gazing off into sunsets, Storror's tone is quite different. Instead of a self-congratulatory, masturbatory interest in their own egos, their films convey pure experience.

Yes, this film is anti-social. Yes this film is not a useful portrayal of parkour. But christ does it make you want to climb buildings.

If you enjoy this, please be sure to check out Storror's Chaps On Tour USA which is also refreshingly devoid of swagger.

Jul 08, 2014

La Villa Radio 24: Buildering is a Thing

Meg on the spooky Chemistry Alley Windows. Grant spotting.

Download (right-click)

Back from the dead. Five (five!) years later we're back. Still at the Villa, still Radio, still La. Join Ard, Dylan, Mayumi, and special guest Andy Day (Kiell) who makes us look bad by talking smarter, harder, and with a proper accent. Everything you didn't want to know about building and more!

Jun 27, 2014

Honnold Talks Buildering and Better Insurance

Alex Honnold + buildings + Ira Glass sound-alike = why aren't you watching this already? Honnold climbs some things and talks about his upcoming Taipei 101 climb. Perhaps more interesting that an insurance company is promoting risky behaviour in an effort to convince people they need their product. Either they think nobody will follow Honnold's example, or the amount of revenue from new clients will outweigh losses from buildering related claims -- which is probably true and some Fight-Club-car-recall worthy bean counting right there. They've got a dedicated page on their website for Alex, it's actually pretty cool: Hmm, if I wasn't Canadian I just might be interested.

Jun 23, 2014

UBC Buildering Guidebook -- Call For Climbers

Ard on Hebb Theatre Arete. 2014.

Something special in the world of buildering is happening over the next 10 days: Andy Day, professional photog from and contributor to is in town to shoot photos for a project we're working on, namely a print version of the UBC buildering guidebook. We're looking for climbers!

If you've ever buildered at UBC, or are a climber keen to do so, we'd love to see you.

Email me: to set up a meet. We'll be off and on campus a lot, so any time day or night. Right now the weather is a bit crap, but if it's not actively raining it's good buildering time.

[Continue reading for more pics. All pics are from yesterday's outing.]

Jun 14, 2014